Backend Developer


Full time
$60,000 $70,000

Posted on: 20 Oct, 2023

What you will work on

iYield is the first crypto financial planning tool. Whereas crypto portfolio trackers show you the value of your crypto assets, iYield also takes into account debts, incomes and expenses to show your real net worth and savings rate for crypto and fiat combined! This allows our users to get a grip on their finances, make good decisions and become financially independent.  

iYield launched in September 2023. Explore the product here

What you will do

Backend Developers are responsible for building and maintaining all backend components of the iYield application, CMS, internal tools, emails, marketing tech, etc. Backend Developers should be highly skilled in backend development and able to contribute to:

  • Building and maintaining backend services
  • Collaborate with Frontend Developers to design GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Deploying to AWS using AWS CDK

Backend Developers will work collaboratively, employing the following to deliver reliable and maintainable software:

  • Code reviews
  • Automated testing
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Documentation

Backend Developers are also expected to:

  • Contribute to system architecture design
  • Ensure all systems are fault tolerant and highly available
  • Ensure the security of all components of the system by being aware of and following information security best practices
  • Ensure all data is backed up and can be recovered and restored in an emergency

Required skills

  • Expertise in JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Expertise with Node.js
  • Expertise deploying and maintaining production services
  • Highly competent in unit testing and integration testing
  • Highly competent in using Git and collaborative software development
  • Highly competent with Linux system administration
  • Experience in building CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience interacting with APIs
  • Experience in working databases
  • Enthusiastic cryptocurrency user

Must live within the timezone range of GMT +/-0 to GMT +10 (Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia).

Desired skills

  • Experience building REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Experience in working with NoSQL databases such as DynamoDB
  • Experience configuring and using logging and monitoring tools
  • Experience configuring cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP or Azure)
  • Experience building fault tolerant, high availability systems
  • Experience with configuration and secrets management
  • Experience with infrastructure as code
  • Experience building serverless applications
  • Experience building frontend applications

Pay and conditions

The position is full-time ongoing. You will work remotely wherever you like on any days of the week and any time of the day you like. Your colleagues will work in a similar time zone. You will report to the Principal Engineer in a team of around 6 Software developers.

There is a clear path for career progression with the next steps being full stack Software Engineer and Principal Engineer as well as other opportunities as the company grows.

Compensation will be denominated and paid in your local currency. You will be hired by as a local employer of record providing fully compliant and standard local benefits, holidays and payslips including compulsory deductions and retirement account contributions.

Working at iYield

iYield is a newly launched, well funded startup with a small team of passionate tech and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Our mission is to empower cryptocurrency holders to better understand and manage their finances.

We are a trustworthy member of the cryptocurrency community. We value privacy, security, decentralization and individual liberty. We embrace long term thinking and planning to create long term value and results.

We maintain a hack-free development environment with high code quality, testing and documentation standards. We value clean, semantic, human readable code, modular architecture and automated testing. We value frank and open feedback and code review.

Joining iYield at this early stage will give you the opportunity to shape both the practical aspects of work, such as our policies, tools and technologies used as well as the culture, priorities and direction of the company and the products we create.

Please let iYeld know you found this position on as a way to support us.